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Welcome to PFS Transportation Inc. Intermodal

PFS Transportation Inc. is an entrepreneurial and ambitious Intermodal Drayage Company based in Memphis, Tennessee with a second terminal in Dallas. The founders have a passion for intermodal transportation and the role it plays in the global economy. Our vision is to provide the best intermodal  drayage and transportation service to all our clients and to help them succeed.

Before dreaming about being the best in intermodal trucking company in transportation, the founders' experiences in the industry included: driving a big-rig, managing a shipping office, procuring supplies for the U.S. Navy, and providing financial services to small and mid-sized trucking companies.

The founders have also worked in lumber mills, banks, coffee shops, sleep clinics, and investment firms. These experiences are less important to transportation but add to our innovative spirit. All the founders have masters degrees. We are still trying to figure out how this has helped us in moving freight. But please....Relax. We have your freight.

Intermodal News

  • [caption]The Port of Portland, Maine, is strengthening its relationship with Eimskip. Photo Credit: Chris Cary for the Maine Port Authority.[/caption]Eimskip is adding four additional stops at the Port of Portland this year on its service connecting the Maine gateway with Iceland, and aims to make weekly visits by 2020. Starting with...

  • [caption]APL is offering its new service to six select US inland destinations.[/caption]APL intends to expand its customer base of importers whose supply chains are built upon day-definite performance by launching its Eagle Guaranteed program in which customers pay a surcharge to participate in the program, and 100 percent of the...

  • [caption]Intermodal terminals have faced local opposition from coast to coast.[/caption]Plans for a new CSX Transportation terminal to handle growing intermodal interchanges in the Chicago area are facing significant pushback from the local community. It’s reflective of an ongoing debate in the US: As railroads are moving intermodal operations closer to their...

  • [caption]The International Longshoremen’s Association is targeting the hiring practices of US Southeast ports such as Charleston.[/caption]US importers and exporters are urging the International Longshoremen’s Association to avoid a one-day East and Gulf coast port shutdown that some ILA officials have proposed to highlight state-level “government interference” in dockworker hiring. “Thousands of...

  • [caption]The merger deepens a cooperative relationship already in place.[/caption]In a deal that underscores shifting freight shipper demands, regional less-than-truckload Central Freight Lines is extending its reach coast-to-coast across the southern US by acquiring the assets and business of Wilson Trucking, a family owned southeastern LTL carrier based in southwestern Virginia. The...

  • [caption]More 2M vessels will be calling at the Port of Wilmington, North Carolina.[/caption]The Port of Wilmington in North Carolina said it will add a 2M Alliance trans-Atlantic service this April. It’s the first of what the small East Coast port hopes will be two new services coming to the gateway...

  • There is still debate headed into the 17th Annual Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference this year as to the strength of the trans-Pacific market. But what seems undeniable is a growing sense, barring unforeseen shocks to the trade system, that the container market has begun to recover off a historically weak 2016...

  • [caption]Bilbao and the rest of Spain's port face serious disruptions in March.[/caption]The Spanish government is expected to unveil reforms of the country’s controversial dock labor system Friday despite union threats of month-long industrial action in March that will severely disrupt the country’s foreign trade. The dockworkers’ union has said its members...

Gasoline and Diesel Prices

EIA: Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

U.S. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Retail Prices Nationally and by Region. EIA logo
  • Summary Excerpt: Regular Gasoline Retail Price (Dollars per Gallon) 2.302 .. U.S. 2.294 ... East Coast 2.288 .... New England 2.420 .... Central Atlantic 2.201 .... Lower Atlantic 2.190 ... Midwest 2.069 ... Gulf Coast 2.252 ... Rocky Mountain 2.750 ... West Coast 2.496 ... West Coast less California States 2.898 .... California 2.176 .... Colorado 2.228 .... Florida 2.244 .... Massachusetts 2.245 .... Minnesota 2.413 .... New York 2.037 .... Ohio 2.066 .... Texas 2.693 .... Washington Cities 2.242 .... Boston 2.310 .... Chicago 2.083 .... Cleveland 2.161 .... Denver 2.012 .... Houston 2.980 .... Los Angeles 2.561 .... Miami 2.385 .... New York City 2.918 .... San Francisco 2.726 .... Seattle On-Highway Diesel Fuel Retail Price (Dollars per Gallon) 2.572 .. U.S. 2.628 ... East Coast 2.658 .... New England 2.770 .... Central Atlantic 2.521 .... Lower Atlantic 2.495 ... Midwest 2.433 ... Gulf Coast 2.548 ... Rocky Mountain 2.876 ... West Coast 2.767 ... West Coast less California 2.966 .... California

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